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The online journal of Raul Rodriguez and John Whitley

Greetings from San Diego

16 February
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Raul and John: Two NYC transplants living in San Diego - University Heights.

Raul's a graphic designer and is partnered with the company "R Studio T." As an artist, Raul will be featured this year in an art exhibition at the Argentine embassy in New York City. More on that later.

John designs greeting cards and also owns the company (www. swankylobster.com). He is also a singer with 4 recordings (Sons & Lovers, History Remembers, Simply Gershwin and Mystery Date: Sweet 16).

They were married on November 2nd, 2008 in the Alcazar Garden in Balboa Park.

They have three cats: Benjamin, Leo and Butter - if the cat population grows and they start collecting tin cans and newspapers, make sure they are institutionalized.